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Have a look at Brand Brand New Lower Prices For Overseas Shipping

Have a look at Brand Brand New Lower Prices For Overseas Shipping

Shipping to Canada now begins at $10.00

Our company is presently shipping all our worldwide packages through the U.S. Postal Service. Packages under 4 pounds may be shipped high grade Mail which dramatically lowers the purchase price over Priority Mail.

We expect you’ll update our delivery policies briefly.

What is Brand New in the Bondage Fetish Shop.

For the Month of May we’ve added a few brand new and exciting lines of adult toys. The very first line we included had been Zolo. They’ve been around for years and are usually manufacturers of fine masturabation toys for guys. When it comes to women, we included the line Inme They generate vibrators and stimulators that are clotoral to satisfy a womans needs. For the Bondage enthusiest, we’ve added the personal type of Mistress Isabell Sinclair. Mistress Isabell has created her line that is own of toys to punish her unruly submissives. For the individuals who love anal penetration, we’ve added a fresh and exciting line called Ass Thumpers. That is a relative type of vibrating anal toys which have a handle in it for better thrusting control. We anticipate contributing to these lines throught the sumeer and be prepared to be added even more new item lines each month.