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5 Tips for Building a Healthy Relationship with Your Teenager

5 Tips for Building a Healthy Relationship with Your Teenager

As any parent will know — or at least will have been warned — a child’s teenage years can be some of the toughest. It can be particularly hard if their parents are divorced or separated.

A whirlwind combination of puberty, hormones, high school years, and the growing need for independence can be a challenge for any parent. In a household with a teenager, every day can seem like a battle — sometimes over the smallest things. As a parent, you want to be able to love and guide your child like you always have, but you need to understand that just as they’re changing, your relationship with them needs to change as well. These are some of the most formative years of their lives, so it’s good for them to know that their parents are there for them, and are willing to realize that they have a young adult who deserves their respect and guidance.

The Benefits of Positive Parenting

As a parent, you’ve no doubt looked out for your child through all their early years. Now that they’re an adolescent, they crave independence and the freedom to make their own choices. “As our kids grow into teenagers, they gain a great free casual dating site deal of independence,” says Planned Parenthood. “That’s a normal and natural part of growing up. But even as they increase their independence, we need to keep our relationships as close to them as we did when they were small children.